The story of the establishment of our brand W World began by Mr. Abdul Qader Daoud Attia in the 1950s in Basra. The brand-building journey was continued by Mr. Walid Abdul Qader Daoud Attia, who combined his extensive experience in various industries to reflect sustainability and innovation. The group's historical journey began with defining an overarching vision aimed at achieving sustainable growth and promoting excellence in all aspects.

Our history is characterized by the continuous evolution and expansion of our business to various key sectors starting from (Al Qaytharah Studio & Lab - Shenashel Decor - WSNL Perfumes - Isee Optics - Diamond Quality Optics - Oliver's Cafe - W Art - Al Hurr Automotive - International Coffee Brands - NTS Mobile charging Services), where we have succeeded in building a strong reputation through dedication to providing quality products and services. In addition, the Group has integrated technology and innovation into all aspects of its business, which has contributed to enhancing its competitiveness and keeping pace with global market shifts.

In terms of future plans, W World is looking to strengthen its global presence and expand its footprint by exploring new opportunities and strategic investments in (Basra, Baghdad, Erbil, Dubai, Muscat, Riyadh).

We are committed to developing sustainable and innovative solutions that meet market expectations and contribute to sustainable development.

In short, W World embodies a history of success and looks to the future with confidence, adhering to its values and vision to achieve excellence and sustainable growth.